Kpark is the smartphone app that allows motorists to find a free parking space,
to be guided to it and to be able to pay in a convenient and safe way.

Kpark allows you to use additional innovative services that you can access from your smartphone:
Extending the parking time, booking, and the innovative cross-selling program, which can cancel the cost of your stays.
Kpark reduces stress, allows you to save time and money, and helps the environment. Today, the solution is in your pocket.


Find the nearest free parking space that most satisfies your needs.

The aim of the Kpark app is to indicate, with certainty, where there is a parking area with spaces available that satisfy your needs, and to guide you to it. You’ll be able to save some of the time and money you spend with the current parking methods. Download the Kpark app directly onto your smartphone, and in a few seconds, you’ll be able to access the “find free parking space” function.


Kpark allows you to pay for parking remotely.

The Kpark app allows you to pay for parking in a convenient and safe way, because it eliminates the need to have coins, scratch or prepaid cards, which are often the cause of stress and inconvenience.

With Kpark, paying is as easy as taking a photo. An adhesive label with the Kpark sign will identify the areas that participate in the app.

Select the “start parking” option on the app, for the QRCode to appear; this will be read by the special reader, and the payment will begin.

The app will also allow you to keep track of, and display your parking history, and to download any receipts.


Where available, Kpark’s BOOK ME function also allows you to book spaces that are far away from your current position. The Kpark app allows you to book a space in the car park that best satisfies your needs, wherever you may be. The app highlights, clearly, the car parks that participate in this function. With just one click, you’ll be able to send a request, and a pop-up will confirm the booking.

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